Blair’s Foster Socks 2012 Charity Event

I had the opportunity to meet Blair’s mom, Michele Shanahan-DeMoss, not long ago and knew immediate I wanted to help capture images for the first annual Blair’s Foster Socks event held at the Historic Van Noy Masion located in Swope Park. How wonderful to see her pick up and carry on her daughter’s dream. Please take a few moments to visit Blair’s website, read her story, and help by making a donation to supports the cause. You’ll be glad youRead more

Lees Summit Headshots | Gerald

Recently I started photographing families for our Church directory for Summit Woods Baptist Church located in Lees Summit MO. Occasionally we had a family that couldn’t make it providing me an opportunity to play around with those willing to give me a few extra minutes. In the next few post’s I’ll share some of those images with you. I’ll even show some images straight out of the camera followed by one that gone through some post processing. Lets start offRead more


My beautiful wife Nancy needed some new head shots for her blog and some promotional work for a writers forum she on. Take minute when you through here and check out The Olive Leaf Ministries. Yes it’s geared towards women but I always find wonderful spiritual insight and application to help me in getting to know a little more about God. She also has a website The Olive Leaf Ministries, there you can find some books she’s written, one aboutRead more

2011 Christmas with Family

This year we went to our nephew Aaron Derington’s home for Christmas dinner. It’s so nice getting together with family. We celebrated with great food, lots of laughter and the telling of some wonderful stories, followed by a few festive games. Before settling in for a few games, Aaron’s wife, Susie, brought out Chinese lanterns. The kids had a fantastic time launching them into the cold night’s air. We all watched until they disappeared into the horizon. Merry Christmas everyone!Read more

Dark days of winter

Life has really begun to slow down in our home. The colder weather has arrived, with the occasional rain our labs Clesie and Coca (Mr. Bean) can’t get out as much to burn off some of there energy. I feel bad for them but it’s not easy cleaning the mud off them in the colder weather, hopping in the pool isn’t a option since it’s closed and with the cold temperatures we had to turn off the water on theRead more

End of Season draw nears.

Today the weather seems to be taking a change. What was calm winds are now 15 – 20 miles and hour and leaves are rapidly falling off the tree’s. This is both good and bad, this summers oppressive heat is now a thing of the past and fall’s temps are amazing. I won’t miss the heat but I will miss the suns amazing color, sun’s rays are a regular part of my image and style. As the end of theRead more

Pocket wizards new TT5 Flex wireless transmitters

I Love new toys and electronic gadgets, I love even more when I can try before you buy them. Recently a photog friend Christine May, owner of Click Photography dropped in for some planned down time, she brought her kids Tate and Niki along to swim, eat and entertain our two 90 pound labs while Christine and I talked shop. By the way, check out her work, you’ll find her images fun and creative with a touch of wackiness. IRead more