Baskaran Plus X-Pro1 plus off camera flash

I had fun with Baskaran, the weather was hot but we we’re in great company. The next day when Baskaran saw the images he later told be Steven Spielberg called him and asked him to star in a movie with Angelina_Jolie. Unfortunately his wife wouldn’t let him, my friend thanks for the laugh.Read more

Favorite images from Gail’s 2013 Spirit Ride

I’ve been photographing Gail’s Spirit Ride now for a few years and each year gets better and better. This weekend I photographed a event for Gail’s Harley Davidson in Grandview MO. The event is called the Spirit Ride 2013 and benefits our War Vets. All the riders meets at Gail’s, once everyone arrives they head out to the Liberty Memorial in downtown Kansas City. The photographs were taken with my Fuji X-Pro1 and the 35mm F/1.2 lens and Canon 1DRead more

X-Pro1 – May Snow Storm

Well we have a saying in Missouri, if your not happy with the weather hang on and it will change. After several days in the 80’s Mother Nature surprised us with rapid temperature drops, sleet, heavy winds and rain then 3 inches of snow. But it happened in May! Last year we had a record number of days above 100 degrees. 2012 started out warmer then normal after a mild winter, followed by over a year of next to noRead more

X-Pro1 Wedding – Kari & Allen get’s Married

Kari and Allen got married today at the beautiful Van Noy Mansion located very near the Kansas City Zoo. The weather was perfect giving us the perfect day to collect some great images. It was a small intimate wedding with family and a few friends. Add that the wedding day was only 4 hours and I had the rest of day to care for things around the house needing care. I used two cameras, my trusty Canon 1D Mark IIIRead more

X-Pro1 ~ Thoughts from a recent senior session

I’m into week two with my new Fuji X-Pro1 and find it a welcomed addition to my camera gear. Quirky is the word that continues to stick in my mind. I’m having a love hate relationship thing happening. I’m seeing the same pattern with this camera that I had with my new Canon 1D Mark III and some L lenses. It took a little bit of time getting use to the 1D’s weight, specially after carrying it for several hours.Read more

X-Pro1 ~ Senior Session with Mack

All of these images was taken with the Fuji X-Pro1, Fuji 35mm F/1.4 Lens. Session started around 5pm, all natural light. Soon I’ll post the rest of the session from images taken using the Canon 1D Mark III and off camera flash. Camera – X-Pro1 Lens Samyang 8mm Fish EyeRead more