X-Pro1 sample images with the Challacombe Family – Easter 2013

We just love this family, they are always so joyful and Heidi and Lana have the sweetest spirit. After a cold and long winter it was a joy getting out into the sunshine and photographing again. This is my first post with images from my new camera, a Fuji X-Pro1 with a 35mm F1.4 lens. I photograph families, wedding and seniors for the most part, add events or occasional corporate head-shots. I have always used Canon equipment, all Pro gear,Read more

Fuji X-Pro1 sample images, first imressions

Here’s just a few images I’ve captured since receiving my new Fuji X-Pro1. I wanted to capture images just like I do with my other camera’s, not planned, just taken at the moment. Following my usual editing rule’s, I spend no more then 1 minute per image. Most of these where processed in less then 30 seconds. I’m not going to elaborate yet on this camera, it’s to early. So far I am quite pleased with the images. In theRead more

Playing music – Old School

I’m amazed after 35 plus years that vinyl music can still sound so good on this old turntable. Don’t get me wrong, I love the portability of my music on my iPhone and desktop computer but somehow it’s just not the same.Read more

Shepherd’s Pie – Classic Dinner Night

Here’s a wonderful classic dinner that’s sure to stick to your ribs and you’ll find to be very filling. Ingredients For the potatoes: 3 pounds russet potatoes 1/4 cup half-and-half or milk 2 ounces unsalted butter 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper Parmesan cheese 1 Teaspoon Coarse Mustard For the meat filling: 1 1/2 pound Hamburger 1 pound Spicy Italian Sausage 2 tablespoons canola oil 1 medium chopped onion 2 carrots, peeled and diced 2 clovesRead more

Popcorn, a wonderful spicy low fat snack

I have a confession to make, I love salty snacks. Occasionally I will eat something sweet but slat snacks are my delight. Hardly a night goes by and I have some sort of treat before bed. It doesn’t have to be much but it’s become a habit of mine. The problem is much of what I like isn’t healthy for you or your blood pressure for that matter. Salt, I could eat it every day. Unfortunately for me I haveRead more

2013 Winter Storm

It’s been an interesting week here in Missouri, 2 storms in 1 week, 35 inches of snow. I have to admit that it is very beautiful, but wow it’s a lot of snow and my back pain is proof. Mr Bean and Clesie having a little play time. It was cold with lots of blowing snow. And for a little humor our Mr Bean choking on a little snow, like a miracle I even captured the event.Read more

Heidi & Kris – 2013 Kansas City Wedding

Christine and I had so much fun at this wedding. We had an amazing couple that was prepared for a great day, great weather and a fun time for all. Check out Christine’s web site at Click Photography KC and blog, she has some wonderful images. Thanks for the invite Christine, as always, it was so much fun.Read more

Dani and the iPad

One of the things we are thankful for is our iPad. Dani is specially thankful and uses it every day. Apple created such a wonderful device and in our case allows Dani to stretch her her potential. Dani is Autistic and doesn’t speak, but she does a wonderful job signing to tell us what she wants. Give her a pencil and and she can spell out works though her writing isn’t that clear. Give her a iPad and you canRead more

Blair Foster Socks Locks for Love Event

What a fantastic day today as over 50 gals donated hair to Locks of Love in honor of Blair’s 13th Birthday. Thank you everyone, I had a wonderful day hearing your stories and taking your images. And a very Thank You to the Gals of Salon Allure in Lees Summit, wonderful job ladies loving on each and every client as you cut there hair. Made me so proud to see all these happy faces participate in such a wonderful cause.Read more

Cold Winter Walk With Joel And Heidi

So much expression in these little eye’s. Zoooooommmmmmmmmmmm! Heidi getting a little off road riding in. Playing with some reflection. Time to head home, Heidi still had energy to burn but Joel and I had enough, it was only 23 degree’s! Joel, Heidi and Cooper.Read more

Winter Wonderland – Lees Summit Missouri

After many months in the house caring for sick loved ones it felt good getting out of the house doing what I love. Walking around with a camera. This is my buddy Mr. Bean. We have two Labs, both loved very much. Mr. Bean is a real people person, he’s the kind of dog that will follow you all thru the house and wants to be with you where ever you are. I thought I take him out today, letRead more