Welcome to Giving Back Through The Lens 2011 Families

I have to say this is one of my favorites session of the year. My wife and I love giving back to the community and this is one of the way’s we do it. Giving Back Through The Lens started by Nathan Choate is a way for us to give back to those who are less fortunate. And since we are photographers our gift, a 15-30 minutes session and prints to each of the selected families for free, yup, highRead more

Dark days of winter

Life has really begun to slow down in our home. The colder weather has arrived, with the occasional rain our labs Clesie and Coca (Mr. Bean) can’t get out as much to burn off some of there energy. I feel bad for them but it’s not easy cleaning the mud off them in the colder weather, hopping in the pool isn’t a option since it’s closed and with the cold temperatures we had to turn off the water on theRead more

Anthony | Douglas Photography | Lees Summit MO | 2012 Senior

Meet Anthony, a 2012 Rockhurst Senior, what a fun a different session for us. I love his thoughts on our session…. “Was a great day!” Senior year I am looking forward to spring break and completing my high school graduation at Rockhurst. My biggest accomplishment in high school so far would be overcoming my ACL blow out. My favorite sport is baseball, along with boxing in my spare time. When I grow up I would love to follow my father’sRead more

End of Season draw nears.

Today the weather seems to be taking a change. What was calm winds are now 15 – 20 miles and hour and leaves are rapidly falling off the tree’s. This is both good and bad, this summers oppressive heat is now a thing of the past and fall’s temps are amazing. I won’t miss the heat but I will miss the suns amazing color, sun’s rays are a regular part of my image and style. As the end of theRead more

Macayla | Olathe North 2012 Senior | Douglas Photography

Meet Macayla, she is a Olathe North High School Senior and one our our Spokes Models. Some things I found out about Macayla: The best part of high school has been: meeting new people and making new friends. Something no one really knows about me: My little brother is my best friend! I love him to death and i would be lost without him. My favorite movie: Inception My favorite team: Atlanta Falcons… only because they have Tony Gonzales myRead more

Looking for 2012 Senior Models!

School is about to start and it’s time to get your senior images taken. We’re looking for 2012 Senior Models. Douglas Photography is looking for 2012 high school Seniors wanting awesome images for the 2012 year.  Our sessions are fun, exciting, and designed around you and your interests. It’s all about YOU! We need Seniors who are outgoing, high energy, and love sharing images of themselves with their friends. They also must be willing to share their unique experience withRead more

We’re all about laughter!

Not long ago I purchased some new equipment and wanted to try it out before I met with some new clients. In my previous post you’ll see some images I got trying out the equipment that peeked my interest, equipment my friend Christine brought over so I could touch, feel and try before buying. Once I tried it out I was sold and new my business would benefit from a equipment upgrade. I’m a guy that loves new tech stuff,Read more

A day to remember!

All I say is WOW, what a day. Nancy had surgery scheduled today for a large mass that was growing in her Uterus. We woke up, got ready and headed off to the hospital. They called he name and off she went to prep for surgery. We hadn’t anticipated what came next, seems mother nature decided to bombard the local area with sever thunderstorms and tornadoes. Thankfully prior to the weather they hadn’t started the IV’s and meds. So weRead more

Drew – family photo session

My son came home to visit us this week, he lives in Springfield. It’s always good to see him, although I must say I’d rather see him under different circumstances. Tomorrow my wife is going into the hospital for a 3 hour surgery, you can read about it here “Oliveleaf Ministries”. We are always happy when it comes home and the house is full of laughter. I isn’t particular found though of sitting in front of the camera, but heRead more

Dani gets to ride the bus to Adult Day Hab!!!

Today is a great day for the Douglas family. As many of you know we have a 23 year old Autistic daughter who is fortunate enough to spend her days with friends at Developing Potential in Independence MO. Several years ago I lost my Consulting Business to the economy woes and with each passing month money was getting tighter and tighter. When gas hit $3.82 a gallon we decided we couldn’t afford to drive Dani to DPI 5 days aRead more

Dani’s new glasses – [FRAMED] Episode 8 Giveaway!

These images have so much meaning and value for our family. Our daughter, 22 has Autism and simple things you and I take for granted really fluster her. For example she is very smart, we only need to visit a location once and she’ll always remember it. On good days when we got for a car ride and she’s functioning at peak capacity she can tell you through sign what’s stores lies ahead. But take her to a grocery store,Read more

Running my boys | Douglas Photography

My Labs love to run, they are fantastic Frisbee catchers and love to chase one another around the yard at break neck speeds. Recently we had more then a foot of snow and they just begged to be taken out back for a run. Here’s a few images from the outing. Ecclesiastes aka Clesie is our yellow lab. Here he looks like a wolf running. I love his color and lines as he runs, just beautiful. Mr Bean can run,Read more

It’s Cold outside!

Man is it cold, to cold to go out and do any photography. I do have a indoor session this weekend and I’ve been so busy remodeling the house I neglected my blog. I have another wedding to post and some miscellaneous shoots I’ve done. In the mean time here’s a few flowers I photographed , I gave these to my wife on Christmas and was surprised at how long they lasted. I’m excited, tonight is movie night with myRead more

Family photo session – Portrait session

Today I spent the afternoon with a wonderful family. We have lots in common and my sense of humor fitted in nicely with theirs. I love to laugh, specially if it’s me making fun of well….ME!!! Life’s way to short not to have fun. I had an absolutely amazing time with this family, each and everyone is uniquely different and has so much to offer. The weather was perfect, the location quiet and I found walking through the woods veryRead more