X-Pro1 Wedding – Kari & Allen get’s Married

Kari and Allen got married today at the beautiful Van Noy Mansion located very near the Kansas City Zoo. The weather was perfect giving us the perfect day to collect some great images. It was a small intimate wedding with family and a few friends. Add that the wedding day was only 4 hours and I had the rest of day to care for things around the house needing care. I used two cameras, my trusty Canon 1D Mark III with assorted "L" lens and my new X-Pro1 with the Fuji 35mm F1/4 and Samyang 14mm F/2.8 Fish Eye. Each time I use the X-Pro1 I learn a little more about it, loving the images even more. That's not to say that the camera is perfect, in cases it's annoying. Take today for instance, I found several times the camera wasn't functioning as I expected. I'm the cause of the issue but it wasn't intentional. The first issue is the button on the lower right hand corner as the camera faces you (Focus Mode Selector). It controls whether on not you shoot in manual mode, continuous or single with auto-focus. I found on several occasions I had accidentally moved it and it took me several frames to figure out what I had done. The second issue was even more frustrating. On my Mark III I shoot in manual, always! With the X-Pro1 I try to shoot in either aperture priority or Shutter priority. I also place the camera in auto ISO 6400. This allows me to shoot quicker and take advantage of exposure compensation. I found myself on several occasions while shooting in Shutter Priority accidentally moving the Aperture off Automatic and moving it to F/16 giving me a few poor exposed imaged. Part of the issue may have been carrying two camera. Having said that it was never a issue when carrying two 1D bodies. I processed these images in Lightroom 4 with VSCO presets. I usually use Lightroom to cull through the images then process then in Photoshop, adjusting color's, brightness, contrast and adding a little flavor though my preferred action.   Here's the Van Noy Mansion, a beautiful place to hold your event. Visit their website for a little history of this jewel built in the early 1900's. These little beauties were amazing, created by Pat-A-Cake Bakery out of Lees Summit MO. So if your celebrate your wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, they've got a great selection of treats to choose from.

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