Chicago – X-Pro1 samples

Had a busy week in Chicago, I was hoping to get out at night but it was cold with heavy rain and lightning. Here's a few images from the plane. I have a wedding this weekend so expect another post soon. Here's a image leaving Kansas City around 6am. X-Pro1, 35mm, F/1.4 Arriving in Chicago Midway Airport X-Pro1, Samyang 14mm F/2.8 Fish Eye Traffic on I-55, found the traffic a bit stressful. Speed limits 55, everyone is doing 70 or better. Even passing the police. Wondering if the speed limit signs are just a suggestion So happy Hertz now includes I-Pass for all the toll roads. I've worked in California, Chicago, Atlanta, New York and the am so happy I don't see that traffic every day. Love my Kansas City Coming home on Thursday, the clouds put on quite a show, looking out the window I could see multiple layers of clouds.

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