X-Pro1 ~ Thoughts from a recent senior session

I'm into week two with my new Fuji X-Pro1 and find it a welcomed addition to my camera gear. Quirky is the word that continues to stick in my mind. I'm having a love hate relationship thing happening. I'm seeing the same pattern with this camera that I had with my new Canon 1D Mark III and some L lenses. It took a little bit of time getting use to the 1D's weight, specially after carrying it for several hours. The first week's images weren't that great, I'm a stickler for sharp images and I had a lot of failures. My X-Pro1 is having the same pattern. My guess is that the camera and lens is pretty light, and when I press the shutter button the camera moves just enough to move my focus point. Below are some example's, I'm sure with a little more practice more images will be pin sharp, where I intended it to be. Next week I have a 4 hour wedding so it will get a few hours work out along with my trusty 1D Mark III. Here's a image straight from the camera with no editing. My focus point is on Macks left eye (camera right). Over all I'm pretty happy with the image. Camera - X-Pro1 Lens - Fuji 35mm F/1.4 1/105 sec F/1.8 ISO - 200 Here's a 100% zoom. Here's the final edit, around 30 seconds processing time: Now, just a few seconds later here's another image at 100% and the focus point is no were near the eye. I had a few more of these then I like to admit. I can sharpen then enough in Photoshop to make them decent but they wouldn't make great enlargements. Here's a few more images edited with the new VSCO 03 Lightroom Presets.

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