Dani and the iPad

One of the things we are thankful for is our iPad. Dani is specially thankful and uses it every day. Apple created such a wonderful device and in our case allows Dani to stretch her her potential. Dani is Autistic and doesn't speak, but she does a wonderful job signing to tell us what she wants. Give her a pencil and and she can spell out works though her writing isn't that clear. Give her a iPad and you can see her little mind working away. Specially when it comes to puzzles. The iPad com,es with many applications that really help those with special needs.Dani recently reached a level on a puzzle game where she can not only slide pieces across the screen but she can twist and turn them. Upon discovering this she beamed a smile large enough to make any parent proud. She love's Netflix and each time she picks up the device I teach her just a little more. Another discovery, finding out a movie bored her so she would speed to the end so she could pick another. She found this easier then finding the "Done" icon, I thought it was brilliant. She also like programs that allows her to play, read and draw, thus allowing us to see her demonstrate her potential we wouldn't other wise see.

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