Say Hello to Miss Kendal – 2012 Family session

I grabbed a quick shot as Grandma Ruth and Kendal pulled into the parking lot. Miss Kendal tried her best to hide her beautiful smile from me 😉 I was talking with Kendal's parents when grandma brought little Kendal to us. Seeing photos of her on facebook revealed she was cute, but oh, to see those beautiful blue orbs in person was delightful. She got them from her mom and dad who both have amazing  eyes. She is doubly gifted. Like most kids when meeting a stranger, I had my work cut out building a relationship with Kendal who at first appeared quiet and shy. But, I knew inside there was a a child aching to come out and play. With all the sun shine I  knew we were in for a fantastic session. It pays to meet with each client and spend time getting to know them, give helpful tips, and build a rapport. It serves well to bring down walls before photographing begins. I had a little chalk board in my bag and decided we would use it help take Kendal's mind off this new friend with a camera staring at her all the time. Within minutes Kendal's attention was no longer on me. She was smiling and happy with her drawings of geese and fish in the pond. One of my favorites! I love everything about this sweat face! Ruth (grandma) stepped in for a photo of all three generations. Image the stories these little shoes could tell about the adventures they've been on. I smile just imagining! At the end, a reward for her long day. When ask I asked Kendal how old she would be on her next birthday she quickly showed me.

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