Giving Back Through The Lens – A 2011 Charity event

Giving Back Through The Lens (GBTTL) is dedicated to helping renew the self-esteem and dignity of those living at or below the poverty level. We do this by providing no-cost portrait sessions through community events throughout the year. This year I join Nathan Choate event for a very fun and satisfying day. There is nothing better then seeing the smiles on the faces of these beautiful kids when they get to see there images, not to mention the parents. Also a special thank you to all the photographers, makeup artists and others helpers that made this event such a success. And thank you also "Atonement Lutheran Church" for opening your doors and providing the space for us to hold this event. Today I'm sharing a few images of those behind the scene that helped out, in the next few days I'll share some of the family images.

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