Derek & Jayme Hein | A Kansas City Wedding

I LOVE my clients, there fun, silly, easy to talk with and live life to the fullest. They come to me to get images that represent who they are and how they live. Some serious, some silly, photos showing how in love they are. I photographed Derek and Jayme's E-Session, so I knew how they would respond to the camera, AWESOME if I do say so, so I knew the wedding wouldn't be any different. Thank you both for letting me celebrate with you! JImmyWhat a beautiful dress! Derek sent just the right words, brought out Jayme's beautiful smile. Each guy had on a different color pair of socks, so much fun...With temps near 100 degree's and no breeze it was HOT!And the celebration BEGINS......What a fun cake, Donna did a wonderful job hand crafting this gem. If you need a beautifully designed cake and one that tasted fabulous send her a email. dreader@hsmc-cpa.comThe reception was lots of fun, I always enjoy photographing these. Finally after a day filled with deadlines of getting things ready everyone can finally let there hair down and celebrate. We had to have a little fun here, seems every where we went we found these funny signs.

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  1. JoAnna says:

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    These turned out so beautiful! Great job!

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