Joy Comes in the Morning

Our life seems like the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. Perhaps, like me, you do the same thing day after day. What I do for Dani I do each day so she can have a rich and fulfilled life. It gets old, but it's worth it and today capture what makes it all worth while. Our daughter, Dani, has Autism and needs lots of one-on-one care. For the last 21 years taking care of her has become part of our daily routine. We bathe her, shave her legs, wash and dry her hair, decide what she'll wear each day, brush her teeth, make her lunch, and drive her to DPI (Developing your Potential) where they teach her how to have a more independent life. DPI is an amazing group of people who help developmentally challenged adults care for themselves, making life for parents and caregivers much easier. Some mornings Dani wakes up a little cranky and today was one of those days. While this can become quite tiring, we always try figure out what she needs to help her feel a little better. Dani will be 22 years old this year and to be honest, caring for our child for the rest of our lives isn't what we expected to be doing as we enter our 50's. But, since we can't change our circumstances, we work to make each day as joyful as possible. So, this morning me, the dogs, and grumpy got into the car and turned on KLOVE (97.3 in the Kansas City area) where they play contemporary Christian Music. Dani loves Christian music and even though she can't talk, her face beams when she worships with the music. She can be in foulest of moods at the start, but as each songs plays, slowly but surely a smile sneaks onto her face and before we know it she's hopping and skipping her way into work. This joy on her face is what keeps Nancy and me going each day and able to love God's little child who can't care for herself.

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